The Courage to Be Disliked - Ichiro Kishimi & Fumitake Koga

The Courage to Be Disliked

By Ichiro Kishimi & Fumitake Koga

  • Release Date: 2018-05-08
  • Genre: Self-Improvement
Score: 4.5
From 268 Ratings


“Marie Kondo, but for your brain.” —HelloGiggles
“Compelling from front to back. Highly recommend.” —Marc Andreessen

Reading this book could change your life.

The Courage to Be Disliked, already an enormous bestseller in Asia with more than 3.5 million copies sold, demonstrates how to unlock the power within yourself to be the person you truly want to be.

Is happiness something you choose for yourself? The Courage to Be Disliked presents a simple and straightforward answer. Using the theories of Alfred Adler, one of the three giants of nineteenth-century psychology alongside Freud and Jung, this book follows an illuminating dialogue between a philosopher and a young man. Over the course of five conversations, the philosopher helps his student to understand how each of us is able to determine the direction of our own life, free from the shackles of past traumas and the expectations of others.

Rich in wisdom, The Courage to Be Disliked will guide you through the concepts of self-forgiveness, self-care, and mind decluttering. It is a deeply liberating way of thinking, allowing you to develop the courage to change and ignore the limitations that you might be placing on yourself. This plainspoken and profoundly moving book unlocks the power within you to find lasting happiness and be the person you truly want to be. Millions have already benefited from its teachings, now you can too.


  • Amazing

    By shortielee
    This is amazing book! Came at the perfect time
  • The Courage To Be Disliked

    By CoachMarlana
    Amazing! Mind-blowing in the simplicity of how we get ourselves in more trouble than we need to going through life. Pick it up if you want to know how to create more happiness today. ✨✨
  • A must read

    By zay23times
    One of the best books I’ve read . I haven’t read in years and this was the first book to begin my reading again . Best book for a young person who is lost in life .
  • One of my favorite books

    By Fluffiest of them all
    My favorite book of all time
  • Great read

    By Mark Nosrati
    I thought the book did a great job at exposing a lot of our subconscious personalities that we are not aware of on a day to day basis. Like the need to argue and be right in irrelevant matters. But some of the point of view of the philosopher was not argued thoroughly by the student. One of which was his theory of living in the moment. As I expected, he provided a world view that one can only choose now or the future. Never does it cross the student’s mind to ask why not both? That’s my only gripe with this book. I felt like some of the topics could’ve been argued more thoroughly. I understand that would’ve made the book much longer. I felt like some of the position of the student were very amateur and could’ve been left out. Overall, I think it’s a good read but not a final blueprint on how one should live their life. Free advice is only free until you act on it. That’s when it will cost you. So take this book with a grain of salt.
  • Read it!

    By Rizzo B.
    Life changing. Do yourself a favor and read this book and then pass it in to anyone else who will read it.
  • Best way to involve a reader!

    By Snoopkity
    I love the way this book is written! It brings the reader in and takes them through this learning experience with the young man. It is awesome!
  • Couldn’t put it down!

    By lisatompkins88
    I am not one to read much. This book kept me coming back for more, and completely changed my outlook on life and happiness. We all have the desire to be happy, but yet have no idea how to obtain that happiness. Read this!
  • The Courage to be Disliked

    By Nanamonster
    Threw this book in the trash. I assuming the Philosopher has not had the experience of being sexually abused, or verbally abused as a child. If you are diagnosed with PTSD/ C-PTSD I highly recommend not reading this book. TRIGGER warning. Whatever help you are looking for I hope you find it. It is not this book.
  • The courage to be disliked

    By Keithdancing
    Amazing book that explores the mind of a youth and learning to accept oneself and live a happier life.