A COURSE IN MIRACLES - Dr. Helen Schucman (Scribe)


By Dr. Helen Schucman (Scribe)

  • Release Date: 2020-07-09
  • Genre: Spirituality
Score: 4.5
From 26 Ratings


This is the edition of "A Course in Miracles" that its two scribes, Drs. Helen Schucman and Bill Thetford, authorized for publication by the Foundation for Inner Peace in 1975. It is now available in translation in 27 languages and is widely used by students in thousands of Course study groups around the world.

A Course in Miracles​ ​is a unique spiritual self-study program—a course in mind-training really—designed to undo the illusion that you are separate in any way from God or your fellow humans. At the level of the mind we are all united as one. When we learn to live this truth consistently, fear​, anger and guilt ​give way ​to a profound sense of inner peace. The Course systematically leads you to experience God’s Love in all your relationships through the practice of ​forgiveness (releasing the past​), the willingness to receive and follow higher guidance, and the cultivation of miracle-mindedness. Happiness, peace, joy, and love are the natural outcomes of the Course’s teaching.

A Course in Miracles consists of three separate volumes: Text, Workbook for Students and Manual for Teachers. The Text presents the theory of the Course​, laying out its central ideas​​ in a holistic, symphonic-like ​progression.​ ​The Workbook for Students provides 365 lessons, one for each day of the year. It begins the process of changing the student’s mind and perception.​ ​The Manual for Teachers is written in question-and-answer form​​ to ​address many of the most important and practical Course topics. Also included ​in this Combined edition only ​are​ two valuable Supplements to the Course: Psychotherapy: Purpose, Process and Practice and​ the beautiful and inspiring Song of Prayer​.​

Since it was first published by the Foundation for Inner Peace in 1975, A Course in Miracles has been lovingly translated into 27 languages. Almost three million printed books, audiobooks and ebooks have been disseminated around the world.


  • Finally—ACIM on Apple

    By E.Light Bear
    There are thousands of reviews of A Course on Miracles on the internet. There are well over 400 books about ACIM available, some highly worthwhile. For me and many others, the Course is perhaps the most profound and powerful spiritual path there is. Enough said. But this classic authorized edition preferred by the vast majority of Course students was never available on Apple’s iBooks. Now it is! A good thing.
  • A Course In Miracles

    By hmacready
    My first thought about this book was; “Who could possibly have written this work”? It is the most profoundly consistent philosophical, theological, psychological, and poetic text I have ever encountered. Yet it is not for the faint of heart. Its radical message is completely opposite of everything I thought I knew about anything. It changed my life, and I highly recommend it for anyone that is ready to experience more miracles in their lives.
  • Practical transformative path to recover your native state

    By enyeco
    This book has become my everyday guidance, inspiration, and path to recover the Power, Love and Freedom of my native state. Through a healing of perception and relationships, one’s true nature resurfaces and becomes the Light that shines in an ever-available state of Peace. Then you become a server for Peace, one’s true joy and fulfillment, always in the freedom of a present filled with innocence and a Love that flows through you. Thank you!
  • The light at the end of the tunnel

    By Julian Friend
    The course reaches you where you’re at. Whenever you’re ready for the next level of peace, serenity, and tranquility, you’ll find the part of the text that you will need to make that next step. This might explain its length, its repetition of themes, its (at times) obtuseness. If you are ready for another step, you might encounter a passage that doesn’t make sense. No worries. Soldier on, and you’ll find what you need eventually. The Course encompasses all levels of experience and readiness. It is the light at the end of the tunnel. Light in the darkness is the same for everyone: the thing we want is the light while we perceive ourselves in darkness. It doesn’t have to be that way. There must be a better way and this is it.
  • Search complete, Path Found, Peace & Growth

    By TEH341
    This extraordinary book is a transformative text, that reveals insights one after another to a depth that reaches the heart, the soul and beyond. It has provided extraordinary learning, understanding and experiential knowing for me that has guided a path and direction for the rest of my life. The clear, guided teachings about fear, the ego and letting go have brought peace beyond any other spiritual paths or religions I have been a part of. The teachings and lessons for learning and living a life of love and open hearted kindness from a continual state of listening, asking and above all the practice of forgiveness has given me joyful direction, answers and miracles beyond anything I thought possible.