Texas Hold'em For Dummies - Mark Harlan

Texas Hold'em For Dummies

By Mark Harlan

  • Release Date: 2022-02-16
  • Genre: Games


The most fun you can have learning Texas Hold’em (and we ain’t bluffin’)

Playing Texas Hold’em is about the most fun you can have with two cards in your hand. Navigating the slang, rules, and intricacies of the game can be challenging, though. With Texas Hold’em For Dummies, 2nd Edition, you’ll learn the tricks you need to know to win your first online or in-person game. From ranking the various poker hands to applying betting strategies, this book helps you build the skills necessary to achieve poker room success.

In Texas Hold’em For Dummies, you’ll learn to:
Improve your chances at casinos and in online poker rooms Participate in a poker tournament with confidence Bluff, bet, raise, and fold in the right way at the right times
The perfect handbook for beginning poker players who want to play in-person or online, Texas Hold’em For Dummies is also an essential companion for more experienced players looking to brush up on the fundamentals and improve their skills.