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  • Bibi, read it!

    By jpctamayo
    An amazing read of the life of a truly admirable man of great strength, integrity and courage. I admired him before, now that I’ve read his life story, I’m in awe. Loved the history and revelatory information about the Jews and Israel.
  • A Dedicated Life to Israel

    By VeniceDad
    Bibi is clearly a very talented politician who has navigated the challenging Israeli electorate system for decades, most of the time coming out on top. He is equally a talented writer, as the book moves interestingly along through decades from his childhood growing up in Israel and America, time spent in elite IDF units and then to his political career. There are a number of skippable chapters which cover internal Israeli politics squabbles but Bibi does present interesting details on some of the most notable events in history which he was either directly or peripherally involved in; such as Entebbe Rescue, various peace agreements, Israel economy. From this memoir it does seem that Netanyahu predicts and credits himself for a lot of the good and very little of the bad over the last 30 years of Israeli development. Reading memoirs ( Kushners included) of politicians who faced endless investigations and came out basically unscathed, it does make one wonder how opposing forces use the media as a weapon. Overall, an insightful, enjoyable read.