KEEP THE FAITH - Faith Evans & Aliya S King


By Faith Evans & Aliya S King

  • Release Date: 2008-08-29
  • Genre: Biographies & Memoirs
Score: 5
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"Forceful talent" (Essence Magazine) and R&B sensation Faith Evans gives us a first person account of life at ground zero of the most infamous part of hip-hop history.
It's been over ten years since Big was killed. I grieved for him for a very long time. And then, as time passed, the icy wall of grief surrounding my heart began to thaw and I began to heal. I remarried, had more children, and continued to record and release more music. I continued to live my life. And while I can never discount the time I spent with Big, I've never felt the need to live in the past.

But sometimes, I still find myself thinking about Big being rushed the hospital, and I break down in tears.

It's not just because we hung up on each other during what would be our last telephone conversation. And it's not because I am raising our son, a young man who has never known his father.

It's partly all of those things. But mainly it's because he wasn't ready to go. His debut album was called Ready to Die. But in the end, he wasn't. Big never got a chance to tell his story. It's been left to others to tell it for him. In making the decision to tell my own story, it means that I've become one of those who can give insight to who Big really was. But I can only speak on what he meant to me.

Yet I also want people to understand that although he was a large part of my life, my story doesn't actually begin or end with Big's death. My journey has been complicated on many levels. And since I am always linked to Big, there are a lot of misconceptions about who I really am.

I hope that in reading my words, there is inspiration to be found. Perhaps you can duplicate my success or achieve where I have failed. Maybe you can skip over the mistakes I've made. Use my life as an example-of what to do and in some cases, what not to do.

It's not easy putting your life out there for the masses. But I've decided I'll tell my own story. For Big. For my children. And for myself.


  • Wow worth the money.

    By Verniya20
    In all honestly I was worried that I would spend my money on this book and would not be satisfied but this was not the case AT ALL! My whole reason for reading was to learn about faith the woman, the artist, the crazy chick from jersey who married the notorious BIG... and I for sure got all of that. If you search “Faith Evans” on YouTube you will find a multitude of interviews about her relationship of faith but rarely do they ask but the real Faith Evans. So here is this book, it’s ALL ABOUT FAITH! I will recommend this book a million times over and over because I am hooked. Truthfully I read the book in 4 days staying up til 5AM because I couldn’t stop reading. Her life and experiences are so intriguing and I am so glad I was able to read about it all! Hope to see another book from Faith in the next couple of years or sooner because I definitely will be supporting. ~Sincerely a new faithful 🤗
  • Refreshing to say the least

    By La'Tasha
    What a great read!!! I could not out this down. Faith is such a beautiful soul with a very touching story to tell. I found myself inspired after reading. Wonderful!!!!!
  • Faye

    By Jlongsinger
    Loved it, I'm proud of you!
  • Keeping the Faith

    By December Fourth
    I absolutely love this book!!! Faith keeps it all the way real with her readers and fans!!!
  • Amazing!

    By zayzay1013
    Faith Evans is truely an amazing woman and this memoir was truely an eye-opening and informative lesson on life and she went through a lot and for that she is a strong woman
  • Loved it!!

    By Nikki337
    Great book!!
  • Great!!!!!

    By SEXY MAMA ;)
    It was real informitive and a overall great book
  • Excellent Book!

    By emoney983
    Faith paints a perfect picture of what went on during the bad boy era. She went through a lot, but came out on top. I'm really happy for her. This book was very addicting, couldn't put it down. I'm about to play all my Faith CDs.
  • Faith's book!

    By blues brother
    I found this book nostalgic and really insightful about the early days of Bad Boy! It was simple and enjoyable to read and really touching. Although, I hate when artist claim about fame, this book reminds us that artist are just like us....human!