Day of the Guns - Mickey Spillane

Day of the Guns

By Mickey Spillane

  • Release Date: 1965-04-01
  • Genre: Mysteries & Thrillers


Spillane belts out another socker featuring counterspy Tiger Mann, who smashes into a Communist conspiracy involving UN delegates, CIA agents, ex-Nazi spies, a bold-bosomed, no-good beauty who’s so kissable and so killable . . . and winds it all up with a real gasper, with a Spillane-type switcheroo that will make mystery history.
“Tiger Mann, U.S. counterspy, keeps cold war at bay with his torrid gun . . . Cordite and corpses abound.”—Saturday Review Syndicate
“Simple, brutal and sexy. Like Mike Hammer, Spillane’s latest hero, Tiger Mann, is a law unto himself.”—Kansas City Star
“You’ll thrill to the exploits of Tiger Mann as he recklessly pursues beautiful women and wicked spies, leaving a trail of havoc behind him. If you like Spillane, you’ll love this one.”—Hartford Courant