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  • Good read

    By PB Meera
    Realization of Living
  • Life Changing

    By jrcota3
    What makes this book so powerful is the magic of placing yourself in the narrator’s shoes and projecting someone in your own life with Morris’s role, I found myself thinking of my own father and loved ones throughout this entire book. What a beautiful journey this book was that I know will stay with my forever.
  • The most beautiful book

    By surfcurselover
    The entire book, from start to finish, taught me something very important about life in a deep way. It was absolutely beautiful. I believe that every person should take the time to read this book.
  • I thought I knew this story…

    By Grambo2016
    I saw the movie, and loved it. I never read the source material until now. Mitch Albom invited the world in on an exclusive meeting of a club we should all be fortunate enough to join. Two people, mutually respectful, and both dedicated to story telling. I am moved beyond measure having finally read this beautiful book, which I have appropriately finished on the first Tuesday of a brand new year. I will never forget the lesson that Mitch so eloquently shared in his words and those of his “Coach”.
  • Fulfilling

    By Pauleen25
    Simple yet so important life lessons.
  • Beautifully written

    By Dashichz
    Highly recommend reading this one.
  • Tears are okay

    By jade2jefferson
    I read it twice, i still want to read for thousend times and i cry over and over when it comes to Say Good-bye…
  • Excellent !

    By Herkkkkkkkkk
    Quick read with tons of substance . What a great book !!!
  • Beautiful Sad Story

    By Leyley Mota
    Our first book to be read at our book club. This books makes you reflect in life and what it’s truly about. A must read.
  • Movinh

    By Smilesaam
    Amazing book, best one I have read so far. I will recommend this book to anyone! Loved it sooo much.