How To Eat To Live: Book 1 - Elijah Muhammad

How To Eat To Live: Book 1

By Elijah Muhammad

  • Release Date: 2011-08-08
  • Genre: Diet & Nutrition
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In this book, HOW TO EAT TO LIVE, Messenger Elijah Muhammad, our Beloved Leader and Teacher, follows the tradition of the prophets and apostles teaching as they did not only of spiritual enlightenment but also of physical
well-being. For example, Moses taught his people, when they were slaves in Eygpt, not to eat the unclean food of the Pharaoh. Daniel, too, resolved not to defile himself with the king's meat and drink. Having complete faith in
Allah, he challenged those who ate the "king's rich food" to a test. After the ten-day testing period, Daniel and his followers were far healthier than were the followers of the king. The law given to Moses and followed by Daniel is
today being followed by Messenger Muhammad and his people. They, like Moses and Daniel, reject the swine, the prized dish of America. They, like,Moses and Daniel, enjoy excellent health and a pleasing appearance. If you want good health, follow Messenger Muhammad's rules as they are outlined in this book. Remember his teaching, which is supported by the scriptures:
"A sound mind dwelleth in a sound body."

Since the creation of the white race, man has fallen from spiritual and physical correctness. Adam ignored God's instructions of what to eat, eating everything that delighted the eyes and that was desired. To give life to the dead and to restore the proper life of his people, Allah has chosen Messenger Muhammad to teach and instruct us on physical well-being. As the Holy Qur'an says (21 :7): "And We sent not before thee any but men to whom we sent revelations; so ask the followers of the Reminder if you know
not. Nor did We give them bodies not eating food." Even more clear are the words to the followers of the Last Messenger-Prophet. The Ummi whom they find mentioned in the Torah and the Gospel. He enjoins them good and forbids them evil, and makes lawful to them the good things and prohibits for them impure things."

Throughout scripture there are conflicts and confusion over which foods are proper and which are not. As in the past, the confusion can be resolved only by listening to the instructions of divine men. Only by following the teachings "OfMessenger Elijah Muhammad can we learn Allah's Will.

Let us accept this good from the table of knowledge which Messenger Elijah Muhammad is offering. Let us not be like Judas who so often ate with Jesus and then left his table to betray him. We now have the opportunity of eating
with a Divine man of God as the disciples ate with Jesus.

Remember the teaching of Messenger Elijah Muhammad as related in the Holy Qur'an (2:168): "0 Men, eat the lawful and good things from what is in the earth, and follow not the footsteps of the devil. Surely he is an open
enemy to you." If you follow this teaching and practice the rules set before you in HOW TO EAT TO LIVE, you can attain good health and a long life.

John Ali, Former National Secretary
Muhammad Mosques of Islam
The Nation of Islam


  • Dotr

    By Low key lot
    Apbta this is a great advancement
  • Eat to live

    By BiggDai
    Great book a must read
  • Eating but not living

    By Dan is quite frustrated
    He just repeats himself over and over. He didn’t say much about living besides dietary habits.
  • This way of thinking is culture cha...

    By shaddxxx
    Culture changing indeed shifting paradigms is what this Muslim brother is doing we love and appreciate you forever!
  • Why not?

    By Kea Easterling
    Enlightening indeed. I hope to apply some of this ideas to my diet
  • True life!!

    By truthss1
    Hi this book is true life. I’ve been doing this for almost 5 years. It’s really possible what his saying in theses books. My boys follow it to. 5 year old and 2 year old and they are the true proof of the book. @danilojsanchez2 Twitter and snap chat isthetruthss1 Want to learn and help with this way of true human living reach me.
  • How to Eat to Live:

    By Baltimore's KO
    Amazing, changed my life, and way of thinking Thank You.
  • Great book

    By Skyyahigh
    I switched my eating habits but when I first read this book I wasn’t mentally prepared too change my eating habits until dieting just wasn’t working now that I don’t eat meat and only eat vegetables and some fish at times I have lost weight my skin look better and I feel better and mentally I just feel like I have control of my life and that’s a wonderful feeling itself.

    By kdot_mdot
    I have been doing the 1 meal a Day lifestyle for 2months now. About 2 weeks after starting my 1 meal a day I began reading this book and taking notes. It’s been a total transformation. At first I lost a lot of weight. I went from 168lbs to 158lbs then balanced out to 160 plus i lost all of that belly fat that was hard to get rid of; 6 pack is back! Just as The Honorable Elijah Muhammad said would happen: “When you begin eating once a day, certainly you will begin to lose weight until you are used to eating once a day. Then you will start gaining weight again. But fat is not wanted for health. It is an enemy to health.” - Elijah Muhammad I've had people come up to me countless times saying that I look really good and that I look really young. My thinking is very clear and my discipline has improved to a higher degree. This is a MUST READ! I will be starting the Book#2 Next week. A couple quotes from the book: “I have been missioned only to warn you in the simplest language. I cannot force you to go to hell or heaven.” “said to me, in the Person of Master Fard Muhammad, eat one meal every two or three days. Do not be frightened, brothers and sisters, that with your meal hours being lengthened you may die or become too hungry. You will live and you will not be hungry, after you have gotten your stomach used to the long intervals between meals. Your stomach will take food only when you give it food.” “I got used to that within a couple of weeks. And, after a certain length of time, I tried eating once every two days, with nothing between but coffee.” “The scientist should not advocate the use of such poisonous chemicals as fluoride, chloride, and sodium, which may have a bad effect on our brains and our human reproductive organs.” “D.D.T., which is sprayed on food while it is growing up from the earth, is also a poison that should not be put into the human body, regardless of the desire to kill insects, that loves to dine on the same food on which we dine. The poison may not take instant affect on us, as it does the insects, but it can, over the long years, help shorten the span of our lives.”
  • Very interesting concept

    By Willie HavMire
    I would love to hear from *ANYONE* who has practiced this way of eating for longer than ten years... Does such a person exist? (find me on twitter: @wordsharris) I must say many of the concepts when meditated on, make sense and definitely deserve follow up.