Message To The Blackman In America - Elijah Muhammad

Message To The Blackman In America

By Elijah Muhammad

  • Release Date: 2011-08-04
  • Genre: Islam
Score: 4.5
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Message To The Blackman is one of the most controversial; yet, beneficial writing introduced among blacks in America. Largely unknown prior to Mike Wallace's CBS documentary of 1959, the Nation of Islam was growing into the largest self-help group of blacks in America since the early days of Marcus Garvey.

Elijah Muhammad, the leader, teacher and guide to those who are members, teaches that he had actually been taught by God, Himself, to teach a doctrine that was quite uplifting to blacks, but terrifying to whites.

The demeanor was very militant and Islamic and did not permit whites inside their meetings. Special classes transformed the worst of America's Negroes into very upstanding followers, reformed and industrious; the likes of which Christianity could never boast in 100 years.

Referred to the Most powerful blackman in America by Readers Digest, his work is still potent among the ex-slaves of America to this day.



    By TSILAS2
    I just started this great read. However, I’ve heard great reviews about this particular read. I am one chapter in and I suggest ever man, woman and child of color, without a doubt... Should have this information. Peace and love!
  • My Map

    By thej_erk400
    One of the greatest books ever written. Powerful, an Honest this book is for every black person on this planet to read. An Blackman looking for power an to be a lead a great business man read this book I promise you, it b will change your life forever!
  • Good

    Great read and understand for a young black man
  • ✊🏿

    By Pate19956668889
  • The most important book I have ever read!

    By jdareaper
    Amazing amazing book by Mr. Elijah Muhammad!! Every member of the Black race should read this regardless of their religious beliefs! Im forever indebted to you Mr. Elijah Muhammad for making me mentally alive again! All praise and glory to Allah.
  • Message to the Black Man by the Honorable Elijah Muhammad

    By ChrisWright89
    This book is a clear understanding of what Black Americans have faced and need to do to preserve Black people. Islam is the religion that was given to the dark people, we are the aboriginal people of this earth. The lack of self knowledge and education has hindered us forever. The Honorable Elijah Muhammad seeks to give us direction, guidance and confidence to understand we are going to once again rise up as a powerful nation. I recommend all people of color read this book to understand this great man and what Islam can do for us if we become true, unwavering believers. Greatest book I’ve ever read.
  • We all are GODS

    By qerrific
    Tap In Y’all
  • Changed my life

    By Honorebel S. Allah
    This book should be a requirement for all people! #paradigmshift
  • A Must Read

    By QueenZ92
    Great book for all African Americans!
  • Naked Truth

    By Tay Corbin
    This should be taught in every household 💯