The Science of Time: The Day When Self Tells The Truth On Self - Elijah Muhammad

The Science of Time: The Day When Self Tells The Truth On Self

By Elijah Muhammad

  • Release Date: 2011-08-20
  • Genre: Comparative Religion
Score: 5
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This title looks at a comparative aspect of how many religions have a timetable to expected events of the future and that although they seem to be addressing different references, they have striking similar and overlapping commonality. How time is told by the different worlds, and the relevance to an upcoming appearance of a Mighty One at the end of a given time.

It explores the calendar of the Christians (B.C. & A.D), Othodox Muslim world (A.H.) as well as the universal clock which uses the sun, moon and stars as reference points.

Here are some quotations from the (printed) book:

"We are to be restored. We are to be given a place on this earth that we can call our own."

"This world of mankind began 6,600 years ago, it was completed in 600 years after the father of mankind began his making."

"When was that time up according to the word of God to me? It was up in 1914. Then why was not the judgement at that time? ... According to the past history of judgement and destruction of people by Almighty God Allah, he hever did destroy them on the exact day that He had promised to destroy them. He had always been a merciful God... So he has given to this people a chance to repent for the last fifty (50) odd years now..."

"So it is with the causasian race, causasian, says Allah to me means a person that is weak bone by nature and stale faced. Their look is stale looking."

"Almighty God Allah said to me that to keep this world from knowing the end of a time when it will arrive, they set their calendar back sixty years to keep them from knowing the actual time of their doom."

"America is falling mr. preacher, America is falling, I repeat, and you're falling with her."

"We are the Lost Found Nation of Islam... And we are a nation. 22 or more million of us here absolutely lost and found people of the Black nation are a nation."