Police Brutality - Elijah Muhammad

Police Brutality

By Elijah Muhammad

  • Release Date: 2012-02-12
  • Genre: United States
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I declare to you, I am your leader, if you will accept me. I declare to you that I will stand up until death takes me away, if it pleases Allah.

God has made me your leader. God is my guide and God is my protection, Who came in the Person of Master Fard Muhammad, to Whom praises is due forever, Who has the power to protect you and me and deliver us from the hands of this open enemy, as the Holy Qur'an teaches us. It has come to the point where we must decide one way or another.

[With] all the [education] that we have gotten from the white slave-master's children, it does no good. He has no respect for his own education. He has no respect for his free slave, who has shown in every respect and walk of life that he was the most loyal slave that any people ever had on the face of the earth; [a slave] who [even] wanted to give up his life for the life of his master. This is what is going on in America among the black man today and has been going on among him throughout the ages. This particular poor black man loves his master, has shown love for him, and has tried to get along with him in peace, but the slave-master's children don't want peace, not only from him, not even from the world. They want their own kind of conditions for peace. They want their own way of life and they want to deceive the poor black man, not only here in America, but everywhere on the Planet Earth. This is a people that we just cannot trust anymore. They are openly showing us that they are our enemies.
For thirty five years now, my followers and myself have tried our utmost to get along with the white man in American and teach the religion of peace and be the example of peace. We have never laid hold on weapons to carry to try to defend ourselves against attack. We never have tried since the very first time that we met with God and He asked us to disarm. He asked us not to carry weapons, not even so much as a pen knife. This I and many of my followers have lived. [Those] of them that I ever heard [of] or knew of have lived up [to] and [have] obeyed it to the very letter and spirit. We carry nothing of the kind that you could consider carnal weapons. We carry only the truth, and it is this truth that America now hates and hopes to destroy. We, the truth-bearers, who are in her midst is what she hates [labels] it destruction [and] calls it hate teaching. It is nothing but the truth of the white race that we are preaching. They are made manifest by God Himself. According to the Bible, He would make them manifest in the last days. He has been made manifest and this manifestation of themselves has now angered them to the extent that they hope to destroy the Negro in America, and especially the Muslims.

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