I Am The Last Messenger of Allah - Elijah Muhammad

I Am The Last Messenger of Allah

By Elijah Muhammad

  • Release Date: 2012-02-09
  • Genre: Political Science
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Muhammad said a Messenger would rise up every hundred years. He didn't say he was the last one. And if I say I am the Messenger of Allah and Allah has given to me the name Muhammad, what right do you have trying to take authority over Allah and Islam to tell Allah whom he should choose and what name he should give him?
You have the Holy Qur'an [and] it teaches you that no one can make a choice after His choice; no one can tell Him who to choose. You have the Holy Qur'an [and] it teaches you that after He has made his choice, you can do nothing [but] only say we hear it and we believe and to thee we submit. You are very silly not knowing the scripture, not knowing that the last Messenger in the last days would be named Muhammad would be raised from a dead nation. You are very silly. You don't understand and even you don't understand that God Almighty, in the last days after the Resurrection, would give you a new Islam. The five principles [will] remain the same, but there will be new Islam given.
You must remember that. You must remember that all the scriptures you have leads up to the Resurrection not beyond it. It is written [that] no eye has seen [it], no ear has heard [it], nor has it entered the heart of man to conceive what God has for his servants that love and obey him.

Even Muhammad says the same thing, [that] he had not seen it. He didn't know anything about what God has reserved for the people in the Hereafter, what He would choose. He admitted he didn't know. Muhammad never claimed that he ever saw God. He said he heard His voice, but never saw Him; yet, the scripture, your Holy Qur'an, and the scripture of the prophets’ prophesy in the last day that God will reveal Himself. You cannot deny that your Holy Qur'an teaches the coming of Allah and it teaches you against believing that Allah is something that cannot be seen and cannot be heard. I [repeat] that Muhammad didn't live in the Resurrection of the dead. Muhammad lived near 1400 years before the Resurrection. This is the Resurrection. Not in the days of Muhammad was there a Resurrection of the dead. It was only just an example made in Arabia to show the world nearly 1400 years ago what it would look like and what the religion was like.
Islam had been asleep ever since Yakub made what’s called the Adamic race, and put them in authority to rule you and I for six thousand years. Islam was not permitted to capture the people of the Earth until after the rule of the devil. [This] you should know, but you are silly and want to claim friendship with infidels who do not believe in Allah and Islam. You are willing to sacrifice those whom Allah would resurrect to life [in exchange for] the inducements of falsehood; you should be ashamed of yourself.

I don't like to talk against you. Why do you like talking against me? You like contending with my followers and you finally wind up arguing with them that I'm not the Messenger of Allah. If I'm not the Messenger of Allah, I'm certainly not the Messenger of the devil; you should know by this time.