The Tricknology of The Enemy - Elijah Muhammad

The Tricknology of The Enemy

By Elijah Muhammad

  • Release Date: 2012-02-09
  • Genre: Religion & Spirituality
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Today, we here in America numbering twenty or more million people, [are into] one hundred years of begging for freedom, justice and equality. Today, God Almighty of Heaven and Earth, having the power of them both rolled up into his right hand, is here and has chosen us the so called American Negro to put us into Heaven while we live, and not after death.

He says there is no Hereafter [for] a physical death. That is the law of the Earth and the Maker and of God that we live; we decay and we die, or accidental death comes upon us as we call it. Nevertheless, we all are here to die as well as to be born. Only way to prevent death it is not be born; so, we feel that we're justified in appealing to Heaven and every avenue of civilized mankind to give us freedom, justice and equality. We're daily going about seeking justice for us: our poor people and they find none. It is the same old hard way to go in the midst of our enemies, who outnumber us in population; therefore, they know these things too. Justice, as Isaiah says, stands a far off, and never comes near us. But all over America today, the Black man is shaking himself, and moving himself towards the front that he may enjoy freedom, justice and equality along with the other nations of the Earth.

It is always asked by the disbelievers, "What do the Muslim want? What [are] they after? What do they want from us?" We want freedom from you. We want a full and complete freedom from you. We are not seeking your own, we're seeking our own. Second, we want justice, equal justice under the law. We want justice applied equally to all regardless of creed or nationality or class. Here today, [we have] many of you are getting excited over the struggle that the poor so-called Negroes are making for freedom justice, and equality, though many of us have not the full knowledge as yet how to go about getting that freedom justice and equality that we so much desire and is so much [in] need of. [Although] we make mistakes and errors in going about it in the right way; nevertheless, we are after freedom justice and equality all over the whole Earth. Not [for example just] in America alone, the black man wherever he has been exploited by the white man, on his country today, desires freedom from the power of the western world, the white man. He desires that the white man leave his country and go back home to his own country, but he never goes. He wants to deprive the people of their national resources. He wants to get their labor for nothing and he has been very successful in doing so too.

He wants everything for nothing then he sells it at a very high price when he gets it, but what do the Muslims want?


  • Awesome.

    By dr.flagg
    The Messenger was and is still on’s always great to read the direct words that came from him to keep us reminded of the mission at hand!!! As-Salaam-Alaikum