Creator's Joke - Jeffrey R Barnett Ii

Creator's Joke

By Jeffrey R Barnett Ii

  • Release Date: 2022-10-16
  • Genre: Art & Architecture


"Help me!" Xie Sui endured the headache, screaming, inhaling smoke into her mouth and nose causing her to cough repeatedly, "Cough, cough, cough." She supported the wall and ran to the window to find a way out, this was the fourth floor, there was chaos below. “There are still people here” She was just screaming when the ceiling fan fell and hit her leg. Xie Tue felt a great pain. The fire burned fiercely, Xie Sui was in a coma but consciously, she had never felt so desperate as she did now. She is about to die. It's all because she has no eyes to see people, marrying a cruel husband like a tiger, pushing her into a scene like this. In the past, a person of many admirers, the landlady of the Xi family, in the end was poor and died in an old rental house. This must be the biggest joke of her life! She had no strength left to struggle, leaning against the wall, letting the flames spread. She faintly heard a knock on the door, in her blurred vision, there seemed to be a tall figure breaking through obstacles, coming over and hugging her tightly. "Precious…" Are you hallucinating? But seeing Quy Van Tu before he died... That person hugged her and rushed out of the fire, the crossbar in the middle of the corridor suddenly fell, the person's first reaction was to bend down to protect her. her in his arms, despite his wounded body. At that moment, all noise disappeared, leaving only a clear voice. "Tui Sui, don't be afraid." She recognized the person immediately. That's really Quy Van Tu! She opened her eyes with difficulty, seeing with her own eyes the fresh blood flowing down his forehead, the fire was burning on his body, burning his skin. There was a buzzing sound in Xie Tue's ear. Finally, with a glance, she saw the son with autism selfish, his own emotions can't even feel, let alone others, now his eyes are red. “Sunday –” He patiently and gently coaxed her, "Tui Sui, don't be afraid." The melodious soft music is resounding in the car, making people's hearts very peaceful.